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If you think you’ve lost your figure forever or you have no chance at shedding that stubborn “baby fat” and “love handles,” Dr. Saba and his expert team can make you think again.

Simply Lipo is equipped with FDA-approved technological advances and Dr. Saba is expertly trained in their procedures. More importantly, Dr. Saba will advise you fully and honestly about what to expect from the procedures and considers your fitness and general health before starting any program or treatment. We have treated hundreds of patients in and around St. Petersburg for many years, and we’re acquainted with all sorts of needs and preferences of different kinds of patients.

Simply Lipo offers the latest, medically approved nonsurgical liposuction procedures for ultrasound body contouring (VASER).

The VASER LipoSelection system, which has been successful in over 150,000 procedures, uses advanced ultrasound-based technology to emulsify fat without traditional surgery. Using this technology, we can effectively treat all types of fatty tissue with minimal downtime and rapid patient recovery. The ultrasonic energy technology in VASER has been specifically tuned to break apart fatty deposits while preserving important connective tissue and maintaining fat cell viability. Patients report low to minimal pain, and both patients and doctor are very satisfied with the cosmetic outcomes.

The LipoSelection by VASER System represents a major technological advance over earlier-generation ultrasound devices. Grooved probe designs, advanced energy physics and patented cannulae designs selectively fragment and remove fat while leaving other significant tissues relatively intact. Small, solid probes permit small incisions and access all target areas.


Tissue selectivity (leaves important tissues largely intact) results in:

  • Smooth ultrasound body contouring
  • Low to minimal pain
  • Resume activities quickly
  • Minimal swelling and bruising
  • Gentle wrist motion by surgeon
  • Precise body sculpting and contour finesse


Tissue damage (inability to differentiate fat from nerves, blood vessels, connective tissues) results in:

  • Potential for uneven results
  • Potential for painful recovery
  • Potential for lengthy recovery
  • Potential for swelling and bruising
  • Large, “mechanical” arm movement by surgeon
  • Difficult to achieve body sculpting
  • Commonly used on abdomen, thighs, hips and love handles (elevated risk when treating delicate areas)

Thanks to Dr. Saba’s expertise with this technology, you can now enjoy smooth, predictable ultrasound body contouring results and minimal downtime.