[toc]Indulgence Medical Day Spa offers a non-surgical facelift package with is a combination of facial injectables and laser resurfacing treatments. Non-surgical facelifts combine minimally invasive as well as several non-surgical procedures designed to rejuvenate and refresh a person’s appearance. Non-surgical facelift is among the most in-demand services that Indulgence Medical Day Spa caters to every day. Many of our clients prefer the non-surgical facelift over the surgical option since this doesn’t involve large incisions, the use of general anesthesia and overnight hospitalization. Also, the procedure is very economical, only offers little discomfort and involves minimal downtime.

Non-surgical facelift st. petersburg

Facelift St. Petersburg

Indulgence Medical Day Spa has performed non-surgical facelifts to many customers (both men and women belonging to different age brackets) for over a decade. These patients were very satisfied with the results of their procedures. Due to our impressive success rate in handling non-surgical facelifts, the demand for the service has significantly increased.

Thus, Indulgence Medical Day Spa has invested more resources to further upgrade the instruments used to perform the facelift. Our personnel were also subjected to regular trainings to further improve their skills as well as expose them to the best practices in handling the procedure.

The milestones that Indulgence Medical Day Spa has achieved in providing non-surgical facelift to clients did not only improve the spa’s credibility as an institution but also helped our facelift team to feel more confident and learn to feel accountable to the outcomes of the procedures that they handle. Due to this, Indulgence Medical Day Spa is given the opportunity to exceed our clients’ expectations.