[toc]Indulgence Medical Day Spa caters to all the microblading needs of our clients and those who want to avail of this service that we provide. Microblading is a technique used to incorporate semi-permanent pigment into the skin (commonly in the eyebrows). The technique makes use of a very fine pen with 10-15 needles at the end. The tip of the pen is very fine and creates hair strokes that look real. Also, the needles used are designed not to penetrate but delicately scratch the surface of the skin just like making paper cut. Thus, the tool conveniently implants medical-grade pigment on the skin’s epidermis to create natural and realistic hair strokes.

Microblading St. Pete

Microblading St. Petersburg

Due to its relatively delicate nature, Indulgence Medical Day Spa reserves the handling of the procedure to our staff who were specially trained to operate the devices used in microblading. To further achieve the desired results and provide the best experience, we are using the most advanced tools during the microblading procedure.

Based on actual experience, most of our clients who availed our microblading treatment were very satisfied with the results they obtained. Most of them now highly-recommends Indulgence Medical Day Spa to some of their acquaintances who are planning to undergo the microblading procedure. Given the rising popularity of the service and the significant rise in the number of individuals who want to undergo the microblading process we provide, Indulgence continues to look for ways to further provide our clients with the best service without necessarily increasing the fee involved.