[toc]HydraFacial MD is among the most in-demand facial services that Indulgence Medical Day Spa offers. This is currently considered as a top option among our beauty-conscious clients since it is dubbed as a medical-grade microdermabrasion procedure designed to provide the skin with the cleansing, detoxifying, exfoliating and hydrating effect in a single treatment. The HydraFacial MD treatment is proven to work its magic on all skin types, be it the normal, dry, sensitive or even the aging. Not only that, this treatment is believed to help in managing the skin’s wrinkles and fine lines, pore size as well as hyperpigmentation.

HydraFacial MD is unique from other microdermabrasion procedures because of its patented Vortex Fusion technology. This painless procedure leaves skin exfoliated, pour extracted and overall hydrated.

How Does Hydrafacial MD work?

Is a HydraFacial right for me?

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HydraFacial MD St. Petersburg

After conducting a comprehensive internal assessment, we have found out that the recipients of the HydraFacial MD treatment offered by Indulgence Medical Day Spa chose this method over the other available facial service options since it provides immediate visible results, offers no discomfort and downtime, effective in providing the skin with the needed protection and is very helpful in addressing various skin concerns.

To live up to our mission which is to make our clients look and feel their best from the inside out, Indulgence Medical Day Spa took the extra mile to have our staff trained and obtain the needed skills to handle the HydraFacial MD treatment properly. Here at Indulgence, we’ve spared no expense in acquiring all the state-of-the-art facilities that we use in handling the HydraFacial MD treatment. This includes the purchase of the latest and the most reliable HydraFacial machine model, the device that we utilize to perform the HydraFacial MD procedure along with some of its essential accessories. Thus, Indulgence Medical Day Spa proves to be the best place to go for clients to meet their HydraFacial MD needs.