[toc]Indulgence Medical Day Spa offers the best eyelash extensions in town. Eyelash extension is a technique used to enhance the thickness, curliness, fullness and length of the natural eyelashes. Also, the technique is proven to boost one’s overall facial appearance and self-confidence. Given its value, Indulgence Medical Day Spa takes eyelash extensions seriously and to get the best results, the procedure is always handled by our specially-trained and licensed personnel.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions St. Petersburg

In practice, Indulgence Medical Day Spa uses the best materials on eyelash extensions. In fact, the company spends a lot of resources in sourcing the latest and most reliable materials like the horse, mink, horse, synthetic and human hair available in the market. Aside from that, the adhesives we use in creating our eyelash extensions, particularly when sticking the extensions into the eyelash line are guaranteed to hold the extensions in place for a long time.

Although the process of sticking the extensions into the eyelash line sounds easy, the entire procedure, in reality, consumes more time and the risk of getting undesirable results is high. Thus, we strongly advise our clients to avail of our eyelash extension service since the method we employ is proven effective, reliable and 100% safe. Not only that, we allow our clients to select the fiber, curl type and the length of extensions that will use on them. We actually have an available menu guide to help our clients choose the eyelash extension they want or the one that will best fit their aesthetic.