Diamond Skin Resurfacing

[toc]Our diamond skin resurfacing service at Indulgence Medical Day Spa is one of the best facial care procedures that our center offers. Just like the other microdermabrasion procedures that we offer, the diamond skin resurfacing is minimally invasive and absolutely divine. The procedure can be easily accomplished upon visiting the center. It can possibly be completed within an hour or more but does not require use a numbing agent or anesthesia.

Diamond Skin Resurfacing

Diamond Skin Resurfacing St. Petersburg

As part of our commitment to give our clients the most relaxing experience and the best results, Indulgence Medical Day Spa makes sure that all the diamond skin resurfacing procedures are handled by our licensed personnel. Our in-house healthcare provider monitors all the processes used in every procedure conducted to assure the clients that what our staff are doing adheres to the existing resurfacing standards.

Also, it has been a constant practice for our staff at Indulgence Medical Day Spa to use the latest tools designed for diamond skin resurfacing. As of the present, our center utilizes the latest version of the diamond-tip device, which is designed for this type of skin resurfacing.

When used, the device exfoliates the skin’s topmost level with diamond chips as well as remove the dead skin cells by gently yet effectively vacuuming them. By removing the dead skin cells from the topmost level, the resurfacing method leaves a supple and smoother skin texture as well as promote the healthy skin cells’ growth. Given its effect on the skin, our diamond skin resurfacing is ideal for diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, facial spots and acne scars.