[toc]Dermaplaning is one of the popular facial care treatments included in the list of facial care services that Indulgence Medical Day Spa offers. This procedure is quite popular  among our clients since it provides positive and visible results on the face fast. Dermaplaning is simply a skin treatment that makes use of a special exfoliating blade used to skim dead skin cells and facial hair off. When properly done, Dermaplaning effectively helps make one’s skin radiant, soft and youthful. Also, this procedure is reported as quite effective in removing deep scars caused by acne as well as the uneven pockmarks on one’s skin.

Dermaplaning St. Pete

Dermaplaning St. Petersburg

Although the process involved in Dermaplaning appears to be simple, most states require that this exfoliating treatment should be done by a doctor or a licensed aesthetician since this involves scraping a person’s face with a surgical scalpel. Due to this requirement, Indulgence Medical Day Spa stands out as the best option since our staff are duly-licensed and well-trained to get the job done. Our personnel are also committed to providing clients with the best service and facial care experience.

Just like the other services provided by Indulgence Medical Day Spa, our Dermaplaning treatment works for both men and women regardless of their skin type. Also, this is proven effective for use of individuals with fine wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, dull skin, dry skin and acne scars. Furthermore, the entire procedure involves little to no downtime and can be completed in one short visit.