AcuPulse made by Lumenis is the most advanced and complete workstation used for ablative laser resurfacing. This workstation makes use of the latest laser technologies and designed to handle all the human aesthetic resurfacing needs. For use from head to toe, AcuPulse leaves skin radiant, clear and smooth.

AcuPulse Skin Resurfacing

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What is AcuPulse Laser Skin Resurfacing?

The AcuPulse is a state-of-the-art workstation used for various ablative resurfacing procedures. Unlike the previous workstations and devices used for ablative resurfacing, this machine is equipped with the most advanced laser technology along with several smart components and two scanners to deal with the most common human skin problems. Presently, the latest version of the AcuPulse is designed to treat skin issues using any of the following scanners.

1. Acuscan120 Fractional Scanner
The Acuscan120 Fractional Scanner is one of the two scanners that work best when used with the AcuPulse. Based on actual usage, this scanner conveniently provides the best results primarily when used on the following modes.
The Superficial mode is used for the treatment of skin with moderate sun damage, actinic keratosis, dyschromia and uneven texture.
The Deep mode is programmed to handle skin conditions with acne scars, uneven texture, wrinkles, dyschromia and deeper lines.
The Combo mode combines the effect of the Superficial and Deep mode. Works best in treating sun-damaged skin as well as those with wrinkles and acne scars.
The StretchTouch mode is reserved for skin with textural irregularities and furrows

2. Surgitouch Advanced Scanner
The Surgitouch Advanced Scanner is a sophisticated procedure used for more advanced skin resurfacing tasks and in various modes provided below.
The FeatherTouch mode is intended for use on the genital and treatments that require a single scan.
The SilkTouch mode is reserved for skin treatments that require double and vigorous scans.
The FineTouch mode is utilized for treatments that require precise ablation of the areas with irregular pigmented lesions at different depth levels.
The ToeTouch mode is used for handling the most common foot ailments like ingrown toenails and plantar warts.
The Paint mode works in treating skin conditions in smaller areas that require continuous and controlled freehand placement.
Aside from the two scanners, the AcuPulse can also be used with the 125mm Incisional Handpiece that works on Bleph mode, which is intended for treatments that require clean and precise incisions with small bleeding.

Who is a great candidate for Laser Skin Resurfacing?

The AcuPulse is indeed a versatile tool in handling various ablative skin resurfacing procedures. Although it is designed to be used along with the two scanners (the Acuscan120 Fractional Scanner and the Surgitouch Advanced Scanner), it provides the best results, mainly when utilized by the following.