Change your skincare from summer to fall

[fusion_dropcap class="fusion-content-tb-dropcap"]H[/fusion_dropcap]ave you ever realized that when the seasons change, your skin freaks out a bit? Do you break out or notice flaky patches of skin all over your face?

You’re not alone with your skin doing its own thing when seasons change. With fall coming quickly, we want to help you figure out the best skincare routine out there. You don’t have to suffer every time the seasons change!

If you’re tired of the weird skin patterns or breakouts that happen with the change of seasons, keep reading this article! We talk all about how to change your skincare to prepare your skin for fall!

Stay Moisturized

One of the best things you can do for yourself when the seasons change from summer to fall is to make sure that you are always moisturizing your face.

If you notice that your skin feels tight, it means it is too dry and you are not moisturizing enough. If you notice dry patches, this is an obvious sign that you have to pick up some moisturizer and apply it to your face.

If you are using a moisturizer and not seeing results, you may not be using the right one! When looking for a moisturizer to make your skin healthy, look for hyaluronic acid and glycerin in the ingredients. These ingredients will help boost your skincare regimen and help moisturize your skin the best.

Another thing to note is that you may need to change the moisturizer you use during the summer when fall comes around. This may be especially true if you are prone to oiler skin and use a very light one during the summer. You may have to get a slightly more hydrating one for fall and winter!

Stay Away From Dry Air

This may seem obvious. But it’s easier said than done. During the fall, the air outside will get a bit drier and colder as the months get closer to winter.

If it’s a windy day, it’s best to avoid being outside and in the wind because your skin may start to feel chapped.

However, you need to also be aware of the dry air that is inside during the fall months! Heat can be very drying for your skin, so try to go as long as you can without turning on your heat. And when you do turn it on, make sure not to overdo it!

Try a Peel

If your face is beginning to feel rough during the fall season change, you don’t have to just keep slapping on moisturizer and hope that it goes away! You can do something about it!

You should try a chemical peel. This is a procedure that will improve the way your skin looks and feels. The chemicals in this peel cause the old, dry skin to chemically peel off, leaving new, fresh and soft skin behind.

Not only will this automatically make your skin look better, it will also help you prepare for your fall skincare routine. Because the dead skin cells are gone, your fall skincare will be able to better penetrate into your skin for the best results.

Wear Sunscreen

Yes it is no longer summer, but the sun is still there, and it is definitely still strong enough to do some damage.

Even if it is not strong in regards to UV rays, the sun can always damage your skin. By wearing sunscreen and a high SPF, you will prevent further damage to your skin down the line. The sun can create wrinkles and dark spots on your skin, which will damage your skin’s smooth appearance.

Prevent that from happening by wearing sunscreen and adding it to your facial routine daily.

Drink Water

One of the best things you can do as part of your skincare routine during all seasons, but especially as the seasons change to be colder, is to drink more water!

It can be easy to forget to drink enough water as the weather gets chillier since you are not as hot, but the dry air will dry you out! To prevent this and replenish your moisture, you need to drink enough water.

You should aim to drink at least 8 glasses of 8 ounces each per day. Make sure that wherever you go, you have a water bottle with you. This will help you to remember to drink more water.

Avoid Hot Water

As it gets colder outside, you may think you want to use warmer (and maybe even hotter) water during your skincare routine. However, this is not the best idea for your skin!

Just like hot air can dry out your skin, hot water does the same. It can inflame your skin and irritate it, causing disruptions in its natural production of oil.

Instead of using hot, hot water, try to use luke-warm water instead. This means when you wash your face and when you are in the shower!

Exfoliate Once Per Week

Exfoliating is great year-round. However, you want to make sure that you are not overdoing it.

During the fall months, you should not exfoliate as much as you do during the summer. Why? You’ll be drying out your skin excessively which can further damage it and reverse everything else you are doing with your skincare routine.

You should aim to exfoliate your skin during the fall when it looks a bit dull and uneven. This will probably come out to be about once per week.

When you exfoliate your face, you should also exfoliate your lips! This will keep them from getting too chapped when it gets colder outside.

Get a Facial

Who doesn’t want an excuse to get a facial? The perfect time to get one is while the seasons are changing and you need to look a little more vibrant. You’re also preparing to get ready for your new fall skincare routine!

Since getting a facial is a great way to care for your skin, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. You will come out of the spa treatment feeling more refreshed than ever, and your skin will be hydrated with a clear complexion.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on a facial, you can choose different amounts of time to be spent on your facial treatment. You can also add on more products to your facial if you want to splurge a bit on yourself! But if you don’t do anything extra and get the minimum time, you are still showing your skin some love!

Use Lip Balm

Although you may have been using lip balm during the summer months for SPF, now you need it to keep your lips hydrated. Do not underestimate how much lip balm and chapstick can help you keep your lips supple during the fall season.

Look for lip balms that contain oils or beeswax to get the best treatment for dry or cracked lips.

Add Vitamin C to Your Skincare Routine

Vitamin C boosts your face pigmentation by producing more collagen in your skin. This is especially important during the colder months when your skin may feel a bit tighter or a little more dry than the summer months.

If you’re willing to change your skincare for fall, you should look for a Vitamin C serum to apply on your face twice per day.

Invest in a Humidifier

This tip is a bit different than the rest. This is not something that you actually apply to your face, but it is something that will drastically improve the condition of your skin during the colder months and seasons.

If you have heat on in your home or live in a very dry area during the fall, a humidifier will do wonders! It adds moisture into the air, which will help your skin from becoming too dry.

Ready to Change Your Skincare?

You may never have thought that you needed to change your skincare when the seasons change. However, doing this will make all of the difference about how you and your skin feel during the fall months.

You’ll be loving yourself by taking care of your skin, investing in products, and paying attention to the environment that you are in.

If you want to invest in more facial services for the fall season, contact us today! We will help you figure out the services that are right for you and your skincare as we head into the colder months!

About the Author: Cosette Saba Saliba, APRN

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